Our Group

a modern pan-African group open to the world

We are a team of devoted professionals, aiming to improve the life of each individual thanks to our innovative solutions and products. We are building smart solar connected solutions to answer the problems of our continent.

Research and Development, university cooperation, industrial manufacturing, development of integrated and digital value-added chain in rural communities; Nadji.Bi is a real collaborative industrial platform serving a full and integral development.

Notre équipe

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Company team

Ismaël Mohamadou Djida, Chairman

Founder and president of the group, Ismaël is responsible for logistics operations. With a decisive experience in Asia, he also represents the group in this part of the world.https://www.linkedin.com/in/isma%C3%ABl-mohamadou-43671230

Julien Potron, CEO

Founder and a true visionary, Julien is the pillar of the group. Multitasking he is active in Products Development, marketing and strategies linked to end-users experiences, but also in the management of the group.https://www.linkedin.com/in/julienpotron

Audrey Kakpohoue, Technical Manager

Graduated from the prestigious African Institute of Mathematical Science, Audrey is a true mechatronician, comfortable with electronics, software programming, and cryptography. Audrey is at the origin of the deployment of our Nadji.Bi PAYGo technology.


Ibrahima Tabara, Administrative and Accounting Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group and holding a Master Degree from F.A.S.E.G (U.C.A.D) Dakar, Ibrahima is the Administrative and Accounting Manager of Nadji.Bi Group.


Idriss Nguepi Nguefack, Digital Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after a Master Degree at the prestigious African Institute of Mathematical Science-AIMS, Idriss is managing the Digital development activities of Nadji.Bi Group.


Delphine Manssata Sène,  QualiSolaire Sénégal Coordinator

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group and holding a Master Degree from F.A.S.E.G (U.C.A.D) Dakar, Delphine Manssata is coordinating the QualiSolaire Sénégal training and incubation program.ww.linkedin.com/in/delphine-manssata-sene-141a09227/

Company team

Adama Ndour, Operation Manager

Training by Nadji.Bi Group after a vocational training at CFPT Sénégal/Japon Dakar, Adama is in charge of Nadji.Bi Operation.


Fanta Soumahoro,
Web/Digital Developer

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group after a Master Degree at the prestigious African Institute of Mathematical Science-AIMS, Fanta is developing Nadji.Bi Group Digital solutions.


Aïssatou Ndiaye, Woomal Mbay Technical Study Manager

Trained at the prestigious QualiSolaire Sénégal training and incubation center of Nadji.Bi Group, Aïssatou is in charge of the solar water pumps studies within the Woomal Mbay program of Nadji.Bi Group.


Bilal Babou, Webmaster

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group, Bilal is in charge of the development and the management of the ERP and LMS softwares as well as the design of Nadji.Bi Group prints and visuals.


Boucounta Ba, Web/Digital Developer

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group, Boucounta is developing Nadji.Bi Group Android Digital solutions.


Company team

Elhadji Demba Sène, Walalma Manager

Trained by Nadji.Bi Group, Elhadji Demba is coordinating the Walalma solar milling Off-Grid services hubs as well as training programs in local languages.


Woomal Mbay launch

Woomal Mbay launch in partnership with LA BANQUE AGRICOLE, and the USAID-funded West Africa Trade & Investment Hub: technical and banking offer for connected solar pumping and irrigation for gardening production areas in Senegal


Walalma launch: network of connected solar hubs of off-grid services in rural areas: hulling machines, milling machines, freezers services and digital monitoring and control digital solutions with the support of UKAID, Efficiency for Access and the IKEA Foundation


QualiSolaire Senegal launch solar entrepreneurship training & incubation program with the support of the African Development Bank through the PDCEJ project


Official launch of the connected hybrid residential solar home systems, the Nadji.Bi Keur Series


Winner of the 1st prize of the Seedstars Gambia competition for the smart solar agriculture project

Winner of the 1st prize of the EDF Africa PULSE Senegal innovation competition for the smart solar agriculture project


Nadji.Bi Bissau founding

Winner of the 2nd BOAD innovation prize for the smart solar agriculture project


Nadji.Bi Gambia founding

Winner of the UNDP innovation competition for the connected solar eco-village project


Nadji.Bi Group SA founding as overall Nadji.Bi companies holding company

Launch of Nadji.Bi's first solar-powered pumps, the Nadji.Bi Frog Series


Launch of Nadji.Bi's 1st cereal (millet, sorghum, maize) solar mill, the Sunguf v.1 solar mill


Launch of Nadji.Bi's first product, the Nadji.Bi Zebu v.1 solar home systems (SHS)


Cameroon​ company founding

Burkina Faso company founding


France company founding

Hong Kong company founding


Nadji.Bi Sénégal company founding, first company of the Nadji.Bi group